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Antique Collection Repair Rancho Mirage Client

Repairing Art Nouveau parlors: antique silver jeweled vase, ancient gilded candelabras, and an ancient iron gilded table. Many people think of antique repair as simply fixing a broken vase or table. This can be a delicate process, as some antiques are very fragile.

Palm Desert Antique Collection Restored for Delighted Couple

18th Century terracotta bust, a court lady from Versailles France, Napolean 1811 era. This is not your average antique collection. Dated to the 17th and 18th century French Provincial. As well as Italian 17th Century Neo-classical pieces that date back hundreds years ago.

San Diego Antique Restoration Antique Chinese Statues

These two pieces are Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD and Ming 1368 - 1644 figurines/statues. They arrived in chunks, pieces or little fragments that needed careful piecing together for repairs with glued surfaces needing some minor retouching before they could be fully rejoined to their original form.

Crackle Finish Furniture Refinish, Palm Springs Client

This crackle finish entertainment center was cleaned, prepared and sanded to receive a new finish. After that applied a custom crackle finish with light glaze and dead flat lacquer. Then a custom finish on the details was applied.

18th Century Gold Antique Mirror Restored

Restoration of a broken 18th Century gilded mirror frame. This Giltwood Mirror was completely restored from broken pieces and fragments. It arrived in a box and had to be pieced together like a puzzle.

Silver Leaf Table Restoration, Indian Wells Client

This is a restoration of a silver leaf console table, restored by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services. The table had chipped edges and gouges in the top, with worn finish on the legs and edges. Mark filled and leveled surfaces and touched up the silver leaf finish to match.

African Bead Table

African Bead work is a form of art that has been around for centuries. One of the most popular items made with African beads is furniture. African bead tables are usually made with a wooden frame and decorated with beads and arranged in patterns or pictures. The colorful elements are a beautiful way to add color and interest to your home. These tables make wonderful conversation pieces and are sure to add a touch of African flair to any room.

Dining Chairs Furniture Repair, Rancho Mirage Client

Rancho Mirage furniture repair of dining chairs, with custom water-spotted lacquer finish. Chair frames were cracked at the rear joints, and some at front leg joints. Dings, splits and dents had to be repaired, filled, smoothed and touched up. Common repairs that furniture may need include replacing broken or missing legs or feet, fixing cracked or split wood, mending torn upholstery, and touch-ups to finishes.

Antique Cane Chairs, Furniture Restoration

This Rancho Mirage furniture restoration project was to restore a set of six antique cane seat chairs. The chairs are by famous 19th-century furniture designer and innovator Michael Thonet. They were in need of serious attention. The restoration of six Thonet Bentwood chairs. The frames needed some serious work and have a 150-year plus history. These cane chairs have their charm back.

Wooden Trolley Car Restoration

This wooden trolley was in several broken pieces when it arrived to Museum Quality Restoration Services. This handmade car figure is now considered a collectible item and can be found at antique stores or online auctions. The construction of the figure is made from one piece of wood. Wooden car figures that fit these criteria can be quite rare.

19th Century Cabinet Restored

This is a beautiful antique 19th Century Wooden Cabinet that was restored. It had custom work done to it inside. When it comes to furniture, there are certain pieces that simply never go out of style. This is especially true for antique furniture which has a timeless appeal. Restoring antique furniture can be a rewarding experience.

Carved Ornate Mirror Frame Restoration

This is a beautiful and unique mirror from the 17th century. The frame is made of wood with ornate carvings and gilt finishing. The mirror itself is an authentic antique piece of history. Carvings and cracks had to be rebuilt in order to restore this mirror.

Mahogany Table Desk Refinished

This mahogany table-desk was a La Quinta furniture refinishing project. The desk had smoke and water damaged, it had to be stripped to the bare wood and completely refinished. This desk is an antique family heirloom with sentimental value.

Vintage 1950's Neon Restoration

This Indian Wells antique restoration was a comprehensive restoration and repair project. A vintage neon wall-clock from the mid-century modern era, this clock had tremendous sentimental value to the client. It belonged to his father and hung on the wall of his shoe store for 35 years.

French Marble Top End Table

This Indian Wells furniture restoration project, was to completely restore the original finish on a French marble-top end table. The end result was a beautiful, like-new table that will last for many years to come. The work was done by antique restoration expert Mark Fry.

Oak Wood Bucket Repair.

Oak Wood Bucket Repair

This antique oak bucket was all in pieces and had to be reassembled and reglued. The wood was then cleaned and stained to restore its original finish. This particular bucket was used during the 1800’s in the Civil War. It would have been used to carry water or other supplies.

Civil War Chest Restoration

Civil War Chest on Chest Restoration

This is a custom 1800's Civil War chest used by the soldiers during the Civil War. These chests were typically made out of oak or walnut and were very sturdy. This chest is made out of solid oak and has been finished with a dark stain.

Carved Rocking Chair Repair

Carved Rocking Chair Repair

This rocking chair was badly damaged, it had to be re-glued, repaired and touched up to blend in the repairs invisibly. It was quite a bit of work, but in the end the rocking chair was restored and will last for many years to come.

Bar Stools Repair 10

Barstool Furniture Repair

Whether you need a single barstool repaired or an entire set, Museum Quality Restoration Services specializes in custom-made furniture repair and can create a unique look for your barstools that will last for years to come.

Antique Rope Bed 08

18th-19th Century Antique Rope Bed Repair

Rope beds were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries, but they are now considered antiques. I add a new support beam to the center of the bed for extra strength. Finally, I sand down the entire bed frame and finish it with a layer of varnish. It looks like new now!

Corner Curio Cabinet Restoration

French 18th Century Corner Curio Cabinet

This French 18th century corner curio cabinet was in a bad state when I got it. The veneer was cracked and chipped in many places, the wood was dull and lifeless, and the hardware was missing. It was restored to a beautiful piece of furniture that looks like new.

Stickley Chair Antique Repair

1930’s Stickley chairs, four side chairs and two arm chairs which needed some magic to keep them from wiggling. Hours were spent re-gluing all the joints and now there isn’t a tiny creak. They were also polished and restored and now belong to each other more perfectly. They will gracefully see another 80 years.

Vanity Bench Restored

This vanity bench or stool was broken and in need of gluing, some light touch ups were applied to conceal the repairs. The craftsmanship and wood will keep this vanity chair lasting for ages. Antiques adds a touch of class and sophistication to any home.

Mid-Century Modern Mastercraft Table Restored

This project was completed June 15, 2015, the top of table was scratched and banged up, with parts of the veneer missing. The table had to be stripped back to bare wood, the missing veneer areas needed to be filled and touched up, then the wood was restored to the original high polish lacquer finish.

Mahogany Figure Sculpture Restoration

Heirloom Wood Sculptures Repaired

These wooden sculptures were crafted in the 1950s and 1960s. They are Rosemary Cahoon. Each piece was carefully examined for cracks, holes and other problems. The minor issues were filled with epoxy, while the major ones were repaired with wooden dowels. Once the repairs were made, the surfaces were sanded smooth and a fresh coat of paint was applied.

Terracotta Pot Repair

Large Terra Cotta Pot Repair

This large terra cotta pot was cracked and damaged, needing the cracks to be glued, filled and touched up to blend the repair and make it invisible. Additionally, I glued cracks on the inside of the pot and waterproofed the inside too in order to prevent future cracks through water damage. The results are worth it when you see the end result.

Gouged Rosewood Desk

George Nelson Executive Desk Repaired

This iconic piece is a George Nelson American American designer. He is best known for his work with the Herman Miller furniture company, where he served as design director from 1945 to 1972. This piece was repaired by a professional, who was able to restore it to its original beauty.

Modern Mahogany Table Repair

Modern Laquered Mahogany Table

This is a custom design, high polish finish mahogany and black lacquer table. The legs are made of solid wood that was hand carved with beautiful scroll-work. It was restored to it’s original beauty!

Western Han Dynasty Horse Xian 200BC to 16 AD

Western Han Dynasty Horse Statue -Xian – 200 BC to 16 AD. Terra Cotta, 2,200 Years Old. This antique Chinese statue of a horse was badly damaged in shipping – the back legs and the rider broke off. I glued and repaired the broken legs and body, then filled, smoothed, and touched up the repairs.

Antique Carved Clock Repair

Carved Camelot Clock Repair

This antique clock is at the historic Camelot Theater in Palm Springs, California. It was badly broken and needed to be re-assembled from many intricate carved pieces, then touched up afterwards to blend in the repairs. Woodworking is a delicate process that often requires precise measurements and cuts.

Oriental Jewelry Box Restoration

Oriental Jewlery Box Repaired

Oriental jewelry boxes are highly ornate and decorative boxes used to store and display jewelry. They are often made of precious metals and stones, and can be quite valuable. This antique was restored to original finish.

Chinese Screen After Cleaning

Oriental Screen Cleaning

Cleaning an oriental screen is a bit more difficult than a standard screen. The delicate fabric or paint can be damaged if your not careful. This screen had to be detailed, spot cleaned and polished. It had a lot of detailed designs that need deep cleaning.

Oriental Warrior Chest Repair

Oriental Warrior Chest

This is a complete restoration of an antique Chinese cabinet. This antique chest (more than 300 years old) had been damaged by termites, was structurally weak, and had been affected by worms and beetles.

Chinese Rosewood Sitting Table

Chinese Rosewood Sitting Table

Chinese rosewood is a tropical hardwood prized for its high density and rich, deep coloration. The top of this table was loose and the finish was damaged. The table had to be taken completely apart, joints cleaned and re-glued, reassembled, and then the original finish restored.

Chinese Rosewood Nest Tables

Chinese Rosewood Carved Nest Tables

Rosewood is an ideal material for furniture making because of it's strength and beauty. It's becoming increasingly difficult to source due to over-exploitation. The tables had to be taken completely apart, joints cleaned and re-glued, reassembled, and then the original finish restored.

Gilded Gothic Mirror Repair

The mirror frame was gilded and in the 14th-Century gothic style. The frame was broken into pieces and had to be fixed and reassembled. First, the pieces of the frame were glued together and clamped until the glue dried. Next, the frame was sanded down to create a smooth surface. The final step was to gild the frame with gold leaf.

Palm Springs furniture restoration

Vintage Dresser Restored

A Palm Springs furniture restoration project. This vintage dresser had to be stripped to bare wood, repaired and refinished. Check out the project gallery to see the results. MQRS documents all work with photos, showing the process from start to finish.

Palm Springs Furniture Repair

Carved Bench Claw Foot Repair

This bench came from the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs, it had a missing foot, I made a mold of an existing foot and cast a new one and then attached, shaped and blended it into place

Vintage Dunbar Table 05

Vintage Dunbar Dining Table Restored

Dunbar furniture company was known for its high-quality, handcrafted furniture. This vintage table had to have the top restored. If you have a Dunbar table that needs to be restored, it's important to find a professional who specializes in antique furniture restoration. This will ensure that your table is properly repaired and restored to its original condition.


Paul Frankl Sinatra Table

This Paul T. Frankl designer cork table from the Frank Sinatra Home was restored to the designer’s original intent. Paul Frankl is known as an Art Deco style designer and helped shape the distinctive look of American modernism, also known as Mid-Century Modern style. The table dates from c. 1950-59.

Antique Mirror Repair 08

Antique Mirror Repair

This antique mirror frame was damaged in shipping and parts of the wood molding and decorative beading needed to be replaced. Restoring an antique piece of furniture can be a challenging but rewarding process. In this project, we'll show you how we repaired and restored this antique mirror frame.

Restored Captains Chair 01

Re-glued & Restored Captain's Chair

A wooden captain chair is a type of chair that is typically made out of wood. These chairs are usually designed in a traditional style, and they often have a high backrest and armrests. This chair was re-glued to ensure that its properly restored.

Chandelier Repair

Chandelier Repair

Glass chandeliers can be found in a variety of styles, from simple and elegant to ornate and elaborate. I’ve been restoring and repairing antique furniture for decades and I’m constantly amazed at the how furniture can be restored into nearly perfect conditions.

African Carved Barrel Table.

African Carved Barrel Table

African carved barrel tables are usually made out of a single piece of wood, often from a tree trunk. They typically have three or four legs and a round top, and are decorated with intricate carving. Barrel tables were popular in Africa during the colonial period, and were often brought to Europe or the Americas by traders and explorers.

Frankl Dining Set Restoration

Paul Frankle Dining Room Set

This Paul Frankl designer dining room set from c. 1950. The dining room set comprised a set of 6 chairs, a cork table and a buffet which was also trimmed with cork. Frankl is credited with having largely inspired the distinctive Mid-Century Modern style, also known as American Modernism.

18th Century Oak Armoire

18th Century Hand Carved Oak armoire converted into an entertainment center. One of the most common furniture pieces to be passed down through generations is the armoire. They are often made from high-quality materials such as wood, and they can be very ornate and detailed in their design.

Custom Made Clock Base

Custom made furniture allows you to choose the specific style, design, and materials that you want. Custom furniture can be made to fit your exact specifications and needs and it can add a unique touch to your home décor.

20th Century Maple Chair

If you're lucky enough to have an antique piece of furniture, you know that it's a valuable asset. Not only is it a beautiful addition to your home, but it also has historic value. When it comes time to restore your antique furniture, you want to be sure to do it right in order to preserve its value.

20th Century Maple Table

Maple wood is a type of hardwood that is often used in the construction of furniture and other wooden objects. It is characterized by its close grain and smooth texture, which makes it ideal for polishing and finishing. Maple is also a very strong and durable wood. When restoring an antique table, it is important to first identify the type of wood that was used in its construction.

19th Century Chinese Cabinet

Custom made furniture allows you to choose the specific style, design, and materials that you want. Custom furniture can be made to fit your exact specifications and needs and it can add a unique touch to your home décor.

Tang Dynasty Clay Horse Statue

Clay Chinese Horse Restored

Most people don't think about the process that goes into restoring an antique. It is a very intricate and detailed process that takes a lot of time and patience. Restoring an antique is not simply about cleaning it up and making it look new again. It is about preserving the history and integrity of the piece.

Chinese Screen Cleaning & Restored

These screens were traditionally used as room dividers, and were often made with delicate materials such as silk. Today, you can find Chinese screens made from a variety of materials, including wood and metal. Though they may seem fragile, with a little care they can last for generations.

Custom Chair Repair

Custom chair repairs are a great way to bring new life to an old piece of furniture. Whether you have a family heirloom that needs some love, or you've found a hidden gem at a thrift store, restoring antiques can be a fun and rewarding process.

Oak Art Deco Cabinet

This oak Art Deco cabinet had seen better days. The wood was scratched and chipped in places, and the finish was faded and dull. The next step was to strip off the old finish. This was a painstaking process, but it was necessary in order to get down to the bare wood. Once the old finish was gone, I was able to sand the wood down and prepare it for staining.

17th Century Cabinet Cabinet Restored

This 17th Century Painted Chest is an antique restoration by Museum Quality Restoration Services. The original paint was flaking off, we restored the paint and preserved the original finish. Restoring antiques can be a tricky process, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be done successfully.

Wood and Pottery Bowls

Wooden antiques can often be sanded down and refinished in order to bring back their original luster. Pottery, on the other hand, may need to be repaired using epoxy or another type of adhesive in order to fix any cracks or chips that may have occurred over time.

17th Century Walnut Table

When it comes to furniture, there are few pieces more iconic and representative of craftsmanship than the 17th century walnut table. This type of table was popular in Europe during the 1600s and is characterized by its beautiful wood grain and intricate design. While these tables may be centuries old, they can still be found in homes today.

Display Cabinet Restored

This one-of-a-kind cabinet is authentic and will last for generations if its properly care for. With a little bit of effort, you can keep your cabinets looking as good as new for many years to come.

Wood Door Restoration

This Door restoration in Coachella Valley is by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services, antique and furniture restoration experts since 1970. Check out the project gallery to see the results. Since this antique restoration was done MQRS has begun documenting all work with photos, showing the process from start to finish.

Antique Needlepoint Armchair

Check out the project gallery to see the results. Since this antique restoration was done MQRS has begun documenting all work with photos, showing the process from start to finish. This keeps customers better informed of the progress of their orders.

Fire Restored Chairs

Some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of furniture are those that have been restored from a fire. Often, these chairs are made of wood that has been singed or charred, giving them a one-of-a-kind look.

Moroccan Middle Eastern Carved Couch

This Moroccan carved couch is a beautiful example of traditional Middle Eastern furniture. The piece is made from wood, with intricate carving on the frame and legs. The upholstery is in good condition. Check out the project gallery to see the results.

18th Century Secretary

When it comes to furniture, the term "antique" is used a bit more loosely than with other collectibles. An antique is generally considered to be any piece of furniture that is at least 100 years old. Check out the project gallery to see the results.

Antique Gilded Carved Frames

Below are examples of glass and mirror repairs that Museum Quality Restoration Services has worked on. The pictures show the kind of condition such items arrive in before work commences.

Coachella Valley Furniture Restoration

Regency Table Restored

Regency table brass inlaid drop-leaf table restoration, a Coachella Valley furniture restoration project. The table has a rectangular top with rounded corners, overhanging ends, and two drop leaves. The leaves are supported by brass hinges that allow them to be folded down when not in use.

Sofa Back Table Restored

Check out the project gallery to see the results. Since this antique restoration was done MQRS has begun documenting all work with photos, showing the process from start to finish. This keeps customers better informed of the progress of their orders.

Rancho Mirage furniture repairs

Biedimeyer Chairs, Rancho Mirage Client

Biedimeyer Chair Repair by Rancho Mirage furniture repairs. Check out the project gallery to see the results. Since this antique restoration was done MQRS has begun documenting all work with photos, showing the process from start to finish.

Custom Made Pieces and Mantle

From wood sculptures to guitars and fireplaces, Museum Quality can take your vision and make it a reality! We specialize in the conservation and restoration of fine art, antiques, and collectibles. We have a wide range of services including woodworking, gilding, stone and marble restoration, lacquer work, paint stripping, and much more.

Curio Cabinet Antique Restored

This is a Palm Desert antique restoration of an 18th Century Armalou Decorated Curio Cabinet. The piece is in the French Baroque style with intricate carving and gilding. The cabinet is made of walnut and has a dark finish.

Clay Tablet Repair

Antique Chinese Ancient Han Dynasty Tomb Pottery

Ancient Han Dynasty 206 BCE – 220 CE Chinese tomb pottery. This tablet was badly damaged and shattered, careful repairs were needed to achieve the fully restored result. The tablet arrived in a blanket, in pieces.

Antique Restoring & Repairs

We specialize in Palm Desert antique restoration, furniture conservation, and furniture repair. We have years of experience working with antiques and fine furniture. We understand the value of your furniture and will work diligently to restore it to its original beauty.

17th Century Clock Restored

The restoration of the 17th century clock finish was a very delicate and difficult process, but the results are simply stunning. The original finish was in very poor condition, with extensive damage and missing areas.

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