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    Mark Fry is a knowledgeable authority on the intricacies of modern furniture. His expertise is unparalleled in Southern California for modern furniture restoration. Call today if you need the highest quality of craftmanship to repair or restore your modernism chairs, tables, bedroom furniture and any other types of modern art or furniture pieces. All restorations are photographed at various stages in order to provide clients with complete progress reports. Our meticulous attention to detail and clear focus assure you of work that will sustain the test of time.

    Mid-Century Furniture Restoration Project


    Testimonial | Modern Furniture Restoration

    Dear Mark,

    The work you have done for us is extraordinary and we can’t thank you enough. The level of detail that you put into your work is something rarely seen these days and the furniture is beyond beautiful.  You have given every piece new life with a quality that is far greater than when the pieces were first produced.

    In searching for someone to restore our furniture everyone I spoke with seemed to just want to rush through it and if I would start to ask questions about how they would do it they would become somewhat impatient.  It was important to me that everything be perfect. Immediately upon speaking with you I knew that you were the right guy for the job, but I had no idea how right you really were. You are an artist, a mechanic, a consultant and most importantly you are extremely passionate and take great pride what you do.  The finished product proved that.

    Furthermore, your communication and consultation throughout the process was unexpected and totally service oriented.  You provided a high-level luxury experience during this process and I don’t even think you knew you were doing that. You did that by providing constant updates and making sure I understood every decision and technique that you were going to use as the process unfolded.  I always knew exactly what the outcome would be and knew that I was in great hands every step of the way.

    The mid-century modern furniture that I brought to you were not your typical pieces and required everything from wood working and refinishing to re-building the pieces so that they would be stronger than they originally were to restoring brass and stainless finishes.  You did it all with a mechanics mind a surgeons dexterity and an artist vision.

    You are the best at what you do and should only be working with people who want the best!   I can’t wait to bring you whatever the next piece is. In the meantime I will be recommending you to anyone and everyone I know who only want their belongings to be handled by a PERFECTIONIST!


    Jon Taylor

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