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Refinishing Projects

Coachella Valley Furniture Restored

This wood table was repaired and had custom work done. The table had many layers of old paint and finish. The table was stripped, repaired and sanded. A new custom finish was applied with white wash accenting all carvings and moldings. One of the biggest benefits of restoring antique furniture is that it is built to last. Unlike many mass-produced pieces of today.

Carved Cabinet Refinishing

Mark Fry has been serving in Palm Desert furniture refinishing since 1970. He also undertakes antique restoration of many kinds of antiques and artifacts, including stone and ceramics, clocks and sculpture. A Palm Desert furniture refinishing client needed his beloved cabinet refinishing, as the cabinet had become dull, dented and worn. Mark stripped the finish, steamed out the dents, and carefully refinished this cabinet.

Furniture Refinishing, Custom Dye Table

The table was stripped to bare wood. Repairs done, sanding done, then a custom ebonised black-dye stained was applied to the table. Then sealer coats were applied. Fine sanding and satin lacquer coats were applied. Then the final hand-rubbed lemon oil application. It was a special order for a customer in Indian Wells, who wanted an exact replica of her original dining room table. The old finish was failing, and had to be stripped off and removed.

High Boy Maple Wood Dresser

A refinishing project for a bedroom set of two dressers and a nightstand, this post shows the process for the High Boy dresser. The client wanted the dressers stripped and refinished, they were painted white and he wanted them back to the maple color. This one needed extra work – the sides were bowed and needed to be re-glued and clamped, one side was burned and the glue blocks were missing from the feet.

New Bleached Finish Walnut Bed

This walnut bed had to be stripped to bare wood, sanded and bleached. The client wanted a lighter color and the natural walnut color was too dark, that's why I did the bleach application. The piece was then stained with a custom mix of stains to achieve the desired color, and sealed with a hand-rubbed lacquer finish. Museum Quality Restoration Services is “old world craftsmanship” at a reasonable cost.

Teak Mahogany Baker Dresser

I was commissioned to strip the black paint from this dresser and give it a more wood tone stain finish instead. I refinished the eight drawer mahogany dresser by stripping the old finish off and sanding. Then I applied the dye-stained coats, sealer coats, fine sanding, and a satin lacquer coats applied. Then final step was to hand rubbed the dresser with lemon oil and reassembled.

Refinishing Baker Tables

These nice Baker end tables were scratched and dented with a worn out finish. Here I show the process of stripping and refinishing this wooden table. This is a museum quality piece that was originally finished in a dark stain. But I take it down to bare wood and then apply a new finish that brings out the natural beauty of the oak. Stripping and refinishing a piece of furniture has many steps involved to get the job correct and maintains it's longevity.

Refinish an Antique Secretary Desk

This drop-front secretary desk was very faded, scratched and watermarked. It needed refinishing and the drawers were loose and required gluing (the drawer sides were coming apart). The results speak for themselves. The client wrote this review, “My grandmother’s small desk was reborn and it was amazing to see a familiar piece come alive."

Cherry Writing Desk Refinish

This cherry wood writing desk was scratched, stained from spills and worn, the client asked me to refinish the top. I stripped the old finish, sanded and stained the wood, then applied a new hand-rubbed lacquer finish. The new finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood and protects it from future wear.

Refinished Walnut Desk

This gallery showcases the restoration of an antique walnut desk. The desk is more than 100 years old and was in desperate need of repair. This is a museum quality restoration that not anyone could do. It’s a very involved process and you need the right tools and knowledge. The desk's original finish was restored to look like new. This can be done with the right professional skills involved.

Restored Original Finish Dresser

This dresser was in bad shape when I got it. The finish was worn and the wood was scratched and dented.The original finish had to be thoroughly de-waxed and cleaned. Then fine sanded and amalgamated to bring the original finish back to life. Then touched up then clear lacquer coats were applied, then fine sanding and the final satin lacquer coats were applied and hand rubbed with lemon oil. Then I reassembled the hardware. The new restored finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood and protects it from future wear.

Refinished Regency Wing Chair

This is a restoration of a Regency Wing chair. The chair legs were in bad shape when I got them. They were scratched and dented. I was able to repair the damage and refinish the legs to match the sample provided. I stripped the old finish off and sanded and applied a dark dye stain and a new hand-rubbed lacquer finish. The new finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood and protects it from future wear.

Rosewood Gilded Bedroom Set

This rosewood bedroom set was painted green, it had to be stripped and re-finished to restore the Rosewood color and I re-gilded all the carvings. I also did some minor repairs on the set. The results are amazing!

Bob Hope 18th Century Walnut Table

This Palm Springs furniture refinishing project was to revive an 18th-Century table, owned by actor and comedian Bob Hope. The walnut dining table needed to be refinished with a high-polish lacquer. Bob Hope was very happy with the results and personally wrote this letter of recommendation.

Custom Painted Finishes

This is an example of a custom finish that I created to match the client's decor. The finish is a painted lacquer finish, with all trims hand painted and a hand glazed with stain lacquer coats. It’s a very involved process and you need the right tools and knowledge.

Hand Waxed Oak Side Table

Hand waxed oak side table. This is an example of a piece that only needed a light cleaning and buffing to bring back the original luster. The old finish was in good condition so I hand waxed it to protect it from future wear.

17th Century Walnut Table Restored

I completely stripped and finished the table top. Then for the final finish I applied two coats of bri wax. Need custom polishing and waxing done to your furniture? I use only the highest quality polishes and waxes available. I can create a custom finish to match your decor. The new finish will bring out the natural beauty of the wood and protect it from future wear. This is an example of furniture that was restored. The products I use are safe for you, your family, and your pets.

Bombay Chest Refinished

Museum Quality Restoration Services refinished and french polished this Bombay chest. This type of furniture was popular in the 18th century. It has fine marquetry inlay, booked matched burl wood and ormolu hardware and accents with a marble top.

Woody Car Restoration - Wood Finish

This is a 1948 Ford woody station wagon. I completely removed all the wood from the chassis, stripped off the finish to bare wood. Then I took it apart and re-glued it. Next I made new panels, sanded it, then stained the panels and applied ten varnished coats to all the wood, then hand rubbed and reassembled.

Palm Springs Antique Clock Repairs

This a project of a 1800’s clock repaired and refinished to perfection. Palm Springs Antique clock repairs by Museum Quality Restoration Services can repair all old clocks. Check out the project gallery to see the results. The before and after pictures speak for themselves.

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