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Large Terra Cotta Pot Repair

This large terra cotta pot was cracked and damaged, needing the cracks to be glued, filled and touched up to blend the repair and make it invisible. Additionally, I glued cracks on the inside of the pot and waterproofed the inside too in order to prevent future cracks through water damage. The results are worth it when you see the end result. 

Check out the project gallery and video (below) to see the results. MQRS documents all the work with photos showing the process from start to finish. This keeps customers better informed of the progress of their orders. Feel free to browse the project blog: Restoration | Refinishing | Sculpture | Custom-Made  Or view slideshows of restoration work on our YouTube Page.

Whether you need us to restore a heirloom or refresh your favorite furniture – we are here to help! Contact us now to preserve and restore your treasured items.

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