San Diego Antique Restoration

    San Diego Antique Restoration Antique Chinese Statues

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    San Diego Antique Restoration of Antique Chinese Statues

    San Diego Antique Restoration of 14th Century Chinese Statues. These 2 pieces are tang dynasty 618-907 ad ming dynasty 1368-1644 ad figurines/statues. The statues arrived in chunks, pieces and little fragments.  Careful piecing, gluing and retouching was needed for a successful repair. Watch the video below –

    Museum Quality Restoration Services (MQRS) is a Coachella Valley Furniture and Antique repair and restoration service serving all of Southern California and beyond.  Please read our many letters of recommendation. Owner/operator Mark Fry has 45 years experience, Call Mark now to discuss your project – (760) 329-2294 or Toll Free on 1-800-524-7145

    san francisco carved sculpture

    Original Wood Sculptures

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    San Francisco carved sculpture by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services

    San Francisco carved sculpture of sea-creatures, a dolphin and a whale.  More subjects are available to order, contact Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services on (760) 329-2294 to discuss your ideas today.

    read more

    Wooden Trolly Car Restoration

    Wooden Trolly Car Restoration

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    Wooden Trolly Car Restoration

    Wooden Trolly Car Restoration by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services read more

    Mahogany Figure Sculpture Restoration

    Heirloom Wood Sculptures Repaired & Refinished

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    Restoration of several wooden sculptures by artist, Rosemary Cahoon

    Our clients for this project, the Martins, wrote this lovely letter after they received their restored sculptures:

    We have used Museum Quality Restoration Services and Mark Fry to repair and rejuvenate two different family heirlooms, wooden sculptures crafted in the 1950s and 1960s by Melinda’s artist aunt, Rosemary Cahoon. Mark carefully examined each piece ahead of time for cracks, holes and other problems and then shared what approach he would recommend for restoration, including what the tradeoffs were with other methods. We then agreed on approach, price and an approximate schedule and paid Mark a 50% deposit. read more

    Repaired Han Dynasty Horse

    Western Han Dynasty Horse – Xian – 200 BC to 16 AD

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    Western Han Dynasty Horse Statue -Xian – 200 BC to 16 AD.
    Terra Cotta, 2,200 Years Old.

    This antique Chinese statue of a horse was badly damaged in shipping – the back legs and the rider broke off.  I glued and repaired the broken legs and body, then filled, smoothed, and touched up the repairs. read more

    14th Century Statues

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    Broken Pieces To Be Fitted & Restored

    Pieces being fitted and glued together.

    Fitted & Glued

    Chinese Statues Being Restored.

    Completely Restored

    Completely Restored

    Completely Restored

    Clay Chinese Horse – Restored

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    Clay Chinese Horse - Missing Foot Made & Restored To Original Shape & Color

    Chinese Clay Horse Restored