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Tang Dynasty 618-907 AD Ming Dynasty 1368-1644

This Chinese Tang Dynasty (618-906 A.D.) clay horse statue was restored by, the expert conservator, Mark Fry. The statue had significant damage and loss, particularly to the head and front legs. In addition, the original paint had completely worn away. Mark carefully repaired the missing and damaged areas using a variety of methods. Museum quality restorations like this one are his specialty. He has the the ability to beautifully and accurately recreate the original appearance of an artifact. This particular project was a challenge because of the extensive damage, but Mark was able to successfully restore the statue to its former glory. The horse is now on display again.

Most people don’t think about the process that goes into restoring an antique. It is a very intricate and detailed process that takes a lot of time and patience. Restoring an antique is not simply about cleaning it up and making it look new again. It is about preserving the history and integrity of the piece.

Check out the project gallery and video (below) to see the results. MQRS documents all the work with photos showing the process from start to finish. This keeps customers better informed of the progress of their orders. Feel free to browse the project blog: Restoration | Refinishing | Sculpture | Custom-Made Or view slideshows of restoration work on our YouTube Page.

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