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Rococo Gilded Florentine Mirror, dates back to the early 18th century

Mark Fry owner of Museum Quality Restoration Services restored this mirror for Maison Felice, Phyllis Washington collection on El Paseo, Palm Desert. This 18th Century Giltwood Rococo gilded mirror was completely restored from broken and missing pieces. A lot of missing carvings had to duplicated and attached to closely match everything. The guilding and aging process had to be applied.

This mirror is a testament to the grandeur and intricate craftsmanship that defined the Florentine style, carved designs of the Rococo period, with its ornate gilded frame and intricate carvings

The Florentine mirror tradition originated in the renowned city of Florence, Italy, known for its rich history of artistic excellence. What sets these mirrors apart is their lavish embellishments and deeply carved designs that evoke the essence of the Rococo period. The mirror, with its ornate gilded frame and intricate carvings, exemplifies the beauty for which Florentine mirrors are renowned for every element of the frame is a masterpiece, deeply and intricately carved to create swirling motifs, florals, and intricate details. The result is absolutely stunning with the gilding and lustrous finish. This mirror is truly one of a kind.

Mark Fry has a wide range of skills and experience in artifacts, fine antiques, antiquities, and mid-century modern restorations. You can be confident that he can restore your treasures to their former glory.

Museum Quality Restoration Services serves the Coachella Valley including all cities: Indian Wells, Rancho Mirage, La Quinta, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Bermuda Dunes and serving all of Southern California and beyond. 

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The Restoration of Museum-Quality Russian Commodes from the 18th to Early 19th Century

These are the procedures in the correct order to restore these pieces

From Russia during the late 18th to early 19th century, this style of commode features a mahogany wood veneer, the commodes are embellished with gilt-bronze mounts, which are decorative metal pieces that are cast in bronze and then finished with a gold gilding. This technique was particularly popular during the Neoclassical period, these commodes were affected by the elements of time, they were infected with woodworms or wood boring beetles like numerous pieces are from history, I was able to restore them for Maison Felice of the Phyillis Washington collection located at 73960 El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA 92260 USA.

The art of restoration is crucial in keeping historical artifacts alive for future generations. The restoration of the Russian commode started with a thorough examination of he antique piece. This article will take you through the journey of restoring a rare and priceless piece of history.

Once the commode restoration was complete, it was clear that it was a work of art. It had regained its former glory, with no sign of damage. It was now a museum-quality piece, retaining its original appearance and generating the same sense of awe it did when it was first created centuries ago.

There was extensive woodworm damage as well as cracked and split sides and tops mostly from acclimation where the wood dries out in dry climate areas such as deserts and in the winter it is much drier then in the summer here in the desert, I carefully examined the 2 commodes and injected every worm hole with wood harder and the splits or cracks also, I then epoxy filled the inside cracks and glued and used the drawer guides and glued them as well as they were loose ,also to flatten out and level the sides and tops and used some leveling flat straight pieces of waxed hardwood on the exterior surfaces to ensure all the sides and tops were glued flat and even, I then mixed my epoxy with powdered colors to help match the wood color for easier touchup and filled all the cracks, splits and worm holes with the colored epoxy and  leveled it flat and even. I then cleaned and de-waxed the finish and then touched up where needed. Then I french polished the finish to its original luster bringing them back to their original state and restore their important history in time.

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