Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs

Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs, 1960s Vintage Maple End-Tables

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Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs, 1960s Vintage Custom-Made Maple End-Tables

Museum Quality Restoration Services offers Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs, and serves Southern California clients, this customer is from Costa Mesa.  The old damaged faux painted finish had to be stripped to the bare wood in order to create a new custom lacquer pearl finish.  Read the client’s review of our Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs services here:

June 17, 2015

We had the pleasure of working with Mark Fry at Museum Quality Restoration Services. We had asked him and his team to help recondition and refinish two large mid-century modern end tables that had been exposed to significant sunlight for over 40 years. They had had a faux finish that had seen better days, and we asked Mark to come up with an idea for both the restoration of the pieces and the nature of the finish consistent with a color palette that synchronized with that of the mid-century house that was also being renovated.  read more

Indian Wells antique restoration

Vintage 1950’s Neon Clock Restoration

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Indian Wells antique restoration by Museum Quality Restoration Services

This Indian Wells antique restoration was a comprehensive restoration and repair project.  A vintage neon wall-clock from the mid-century modern era, this clock had tremendous sentimental value to the client.  My client wrote me this review as a letter of appreciation for the finished work:

I had an old wall clock, 65-years old.  It belonged to my father and hung on the wall of his shoe store for 35 years.  It had great sentimental value to me.  Unfortunately, it had moved several times and been in storage.  It was badly beaten up.  The glass was broken, hands bent, parchment type of lettering torn.  The only thing that worked was a neon bulb.  Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration was able to take the clock apart and restore the clock without touching the neon.  The glass was replaced, hands were replaced, but the most difficult was the translucent lettering from the 1950’s.   Mark detailed out several templates until he was able to reproduce an exact replica of “translucent” lettering.  He allowed the neon to shine through beautifully.  Now the clock hangs in my office and I look at the same time my father looked at 65 years ago.  Thank you Mark Fry.
Larry Brooks

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Bermuda Dunes furniture refinishing

1960’s Drop Front Secretary Refinish

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Bermuda Dunes furniture refinishing by Museum Quality Restoration Services.

This Bermuda Dunes furniture refinishing project revived a 1960’s drop-front secretary with a custom-accented finish.  In particular, the back panel of the secretary was painted to match the wall it would stand against in the owner’s home.  It was a special touch which completed the beautiful co-ordinated effect.

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Vintage Mastercraft Table

Mid Century Modern Mastercraft Table Restoration

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This project was completed June 15, 2015, the top of table was scratched and banged up, with parts of the veneer missing.  The table had to be stripped back to bare wood, the missing veneer areas needed to be filled and touched up, then the wood was restored to the original high polish lacquer finish. read more

Palm Springs furniture restoration

Vintage Dresser Restoration

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Palm Springs furniture restoration by Museum Quality Restoration Services

A Palm Springs furniture restoration project.  This vintage dresser had to be stripped to bare wood, repaired and refinished. read more

Vintage Dunbar Table 04

Vintage Dunbar Table

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Vintage Dunbar Table

This vintage Dunbar table had to have the top restored, click on the gallery images to expand and scroll through using the side arrows.  To learn more about Dunbar vintage furniture click here – read more


Paul Frankl Sinatra Table Restoration

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Paul Frankl Table At The Frank Sinatra Home

This Paul T. Frankl designer cork table from the Frank Sinatra Home was restored to the designer’s original intent.  Paul Frankl is known as an Art Deco style designer and helped shape the distinctive look of American modernism, also known as Mid-Century Modern style.  The table dates from c. 1950-59 read more

Frankl Dining Set Restoration

Paul Frankl Dining Room Set Restoration

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Vintage Classic Paul Frankl Dining Room Set

This Paul Frankl designer dining room set from c. 1950 was restored by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services to its original condition.  The dining room set comprised a set of 6 chairs, a cork table and a buffet which was also trimmed with cork.   read more