Palm Desert Furniture Refinishing

Palm Desert Furniture Refinishing, Carved Cabinet

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Palm Desert Furniture Refinishing, Carved Cabinet

Mark Fry has been serving in Palm Desert furniture refinishing since 1970. He also undertakes antique restoration of many kinds of antiques and artifacts, including stone and ceramics, clocks and sculpture (click on links to learn more).  A Palm Desert furniture refinishing client needed his beloved cabinet refinishing, as the cabinet had become dull, dented and worn.  Mark stripped the finish, steamed out the dents, and carefully refinished this cabinet. Mark also restored a coffee table for the same client.  After taking delivery of the finished work the client wrote this kind letter of appreciation:

“Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services restored two pieces of furniture for me. Mark is an artist. He transformed my beloved old chest and coffee table into true works of art. read more

Carved Mirror Frame Restoration

Carved Mirror Frame Restoration

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Carved Antique Mirror Frame Restoration

Completely restored carving and finish on this antique mirror frame, by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services read more

Newport Beach custom woodwork

Custom Made Mantlepiece

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Newport Beach custom woodwork by Museum Quality Restoration Services

A Newport Beach custom woodwork client ordered a custom-made mantlepiece.  The mantle was designed by Mark Fry, owner & artist of MQRS.  This mantle design was also carved for a second client in Tustin CA.   read more

Carved Rocking Chair Repair

Carved Rocking Chair Repair

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Carved Rocking Chair Repair

This rocking chair was badly damaged, it had to be re-glued, repaired and touched up to blend in the repairs invisibly.

read more

Restored Antique Armoire

Restoration of Antique Armoire [VIDEO]

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This Armoire (Wardrobe) arrived in pieces from a lady who almost gave it up as a lost cause, the back was missing and many of the carvings and fine molded edges were broken off or damaged.  Read what the client says in her letter to me after she receives her restored Armoire:

“Dear Mark,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how thrilled we are with the restoration of our armoire.   read more

Mahogany Figure Sculpture Restoration

Heirloom Wood Sculptures Repaired & Refinished

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Restoration of several wooden sculptures by artist, Rosemary Cahoon

Our clients for this project, the Martins, wrote this lovely letter after they received their restored sculptures:

We have used Museum Quality Restoration Services and Mark Fry to repair and rejuvenate two different family heirlooms, wooden sculptures crafted in the 1950s and 1960s by Melinda’s artist aunt, Rosemary Cahoon. Mark carefully examined each piece ahead of time for cracks, holes and other problems and then shared what approach he would recommend for restoration, including what the tradeoffs were with other methods. We then agreed on approach, price and an approximate schedule and paid Mark a 50% deposit. read more

Antique Carved Clock Repair

Carved Camelot Clock Repair

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Antique Clock from the Camelot Theater of Palm Springs

This antique clock was badly broken and needed to be re-assembled from many intricate carved pieces, then touched up afterwards to blend in the repairs.  The clock now hangs in the Camelot Theater of Palm Springs.   read more

Chinese Rosewood Nest Tables

Chinese Rosewood Carved Nest Tables

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A Set of Chinese Rosewood Carved Nest Tables

Re-glued & Original Finish Restored read more

Palm Springs Furniture Repair

Carved Bench Claw Foot Repair

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Palm Springs Furniture Repair, Carved Bench Claw-Foot Repair from Camelot Theater in Palm Springs

This bench came from the Camelot Theater in Palm Springs, it had a missing foot, I made a mold of an existing foot and cast a new one and then attached, shaped and blended it into place. read more

African Carved Barrel Table.