Civil War Chest Restoration

    Civil War Chest on Chest Restoration

    by Mark Fry |November 3, 2015 |0 Comments | Restoration | , , ,

    Custom 1800’s Civil War Chest on Chest Design.

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    Vintage Mastercraft Table

    Mid Century Modern Mastercraft Table Restoration

    by Mark Fry |August 4, 2015 |0 Comments | Featured, Restoration | , , , ,

    This project was completed June 15, 2015, the top of table was scratched and banged up, with parts of the veneer missing.  The table had to be stripped back to bare wood, the missing veneer areas needed to be filled and touched up, then the wood was restored to the original high polish lacquer finish. read more

    Oriental Warrior Chest Repair

    Oriental Warrior Chest

    by Mark Fry |July 13, 2013 |0 Comments | Restoration | , , , ,

    Oriental Warrior Chest With Decorative Brass.

    A full restoration: repaired from worm and beetle damage, and restored finish.  Here is an extract from the Angie’s List Review left by the client (See screenshot of the full review at bottom of page):

    “he completely restored a Chinese antique chest (more than 300 years old) that had termite damage, structural weakness and severe damage to metal scrolling plus other issues… The Chinese cabinet work was truly “museum quality”.   read more

    All About Antique Brass Hardware

    by Mark Fry |June 12, 2011 |0 Comments | Restoration | ,

    Antique brass hardware is increasingly getting important in the market. They are currently being used in large quantities in both the commercial and the residential projects. Most of the buyers have their likings of antique hardware in brass, wrought iron and cast iron. The reason behind this is the excellent polish, looks and most importantly, the durability they give to the product. read more

    Brass Wheel Repair

    by Mark Fry |December 17, 2010 |0 Comments | Restoration | ,
    Worn Holes In Brass Wheels Restored To Original

    Worn Holes Restored To Original

    Brass Wheels Repaired & Restored

    Brass Wheel Repair