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Antique brass hardware is increasingly getting important in the market. They are currently being used in large quantities in both the commercial and the residential projects. Most of the buyers have their likings of antique hardware in brass, wrought iron and cast iron. The reason behind this is the excellent polish, looks and most importantly, the durability they give to the product. Many countries manufacture carved and embossed antiques and export it all over the world. India is considered one of the leading exporters of antique finish brass hardware.

The category of the antique hardware includes hardware as stated below;
– Antique door bolts    – Antique Door Knobs
– Antique Keyhole Covers   – Antique Shelf Brackets
– Antique Latches     – Antique Locks
– Antique Door Hinges   – Antique Gate hinges
– Antique Railings     – Antique Pewter

These antique brass hardware needs to be taken care off in many aspects, to maintain its originality. If polishing is required to be done, then it is manually done by hand. Use of modern paste-type polish with micro abrasives should be considered. Care should be taken while polishing the brass edges and it should not be done if the surrounding wood is not protected.

To protect the wood’s furniture applying a light coat of wax around the perimeters of the brasses will help protect it during the brass polishing. Alternatively, another thing can be done is inserting an index card between brass and the wood. Each brass fitting could be removed individually, fitted, polished and then put back in its original position. This process can be followed for the entire brass fitting one by one.

Cleaning of the material consist of use of isopropyl with sponge. For heavier soils, dampen the sponge a bit with water and apply a scouring low abrasion crème of less potency onto it. Once the surface is cleaned, the job of polishing can be commenced. A yellow treated dust cloth gives releases the exact quantity of oil onto the metal. The brass will look brighter and its body will shine if it is rubbed with cloth moistened with olive oil. Olive oil helps in retarding the tarnish and less polishing is required.

A weekly wiping with a little liquid ammonia on a soft cloth will help keep unlacquered brass shiny. To polish antique brass hardware pieces, wash it in hot soapy water to remove the grime and wax.. Later on, rinse it and dry. Use boiled linseed oil to moisten a cloth to polish the brass surface until all the grease and dirt have been gotten rid of.

Thus, the antique brass hardware is a good collection to boast off, and it serves as one of the good ways to invest. To deal with all such antique related buying and selling many websites and dealers are available who can help you out in carrying out the transaction.

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