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Baxley Home Wood Finishing

The Baxley Home, Wood Finish Project

My client Margo Baxley had her home remodeled in 2006, with all new cabinetry custom made by a cabinet shop, she wanted me to finish all the woodwork as she had been so pleased with my work before. All the pieces were hand finished and hand-rubbed in the workshop, the finish consisted of sealer coats, fine sanding, and then satin lacquer coats applied, hand rubbed and lemon oiled, reassembled and installed. The client wrote this letter for me:


“I have been asked for a recommendation for Mark Fry and his company – Museum Quality Restoration Services. “I am pleased to do so without reservations.”

“Mark came into my life when I asked a valued friend and expert cabinet maker to recommend someone to refinish a treasured family heirloom. The piece was a wooden drawer chest used by my late mother as her bedroom bureau, and I wanted to give it to my nephew and his wife. It was beautifully made sometime in the early part of the 19th Century and had, by family tradition, been brought by oxcart from Massachusetts to Ohio. 

Over the years the various woods and veneers (at least seven different varieties) had dried in the California climate.  There were some chips, one small missing piece of veneer, and places where sunlight had bleached the lower drawers.

I only wish that you could see that piece today. All of It, inside and out, is satin to the touch. The wood glows. The missing, now restored, pieces are indistinguishable from the original.</P

My only caveat is that Mark’s work has spoiled me for anything less. I have just finished a major remodel of my home with new custom cabinet work in the kitchen, library, master bath, powder room and living room. Mark did the finishing on all of it as well as an existing door, credenza and coffee table. The work is uniformly beautiful; a continuing pleasure to see and to touch.

Mark’s work is meticulous; both the exteriors that you see and the interiors that are not on view. The pride he takes in his work is palpable. As I stated earlier, I recommend his work without reservations.”

Margo Baxley

Here is the picture gallery showing all the completed work and original scan of Margo’s letter, please click on an image to expand and then scroll through using the arrows at the side.

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