Armoire Entertainment Center 15

    Crackle Finish Coachella Valley Furniture Refinishing [VIDEO]

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    Crackle Finish Entertainment Center Coachella Valley Furniture Refinishing

    Coachella Valley Furniture Refinishing by Museum Quality Restoration Services of Sky Valley CA. A custom crackle finish is applied to this entertainment center.   read more

    Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs

    Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs, 1960s Vintage Maple End-Tables

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    Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs, 1960s Vintage Custom-Made Maple End-Tables

    Museum Quality Restoration Services offers Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs, and serves Southern California clients, this customer is from Costa Mesa.  The old damaged faux painted finish had to be stripped to the bare wood in order to create a new custom lacquer pearl finish.  Read the client’s review of our Furniture Refinishing Palm Springs services here:

    June 17, 2015

    We had the pleasure of working with Mark Fry at Museum Quality Restoration Services. We had asked him and his team to help recondition and refinish two large mid-century modern end tables that had been exposed to significant sunlight for over 40 years. They had had a faux finish that had seen better days, and we asked Mark to come up with an idea for both the restoration of the pieces and the nature of the finish consistent with a color palette that synchronized with that of the mid-century house that was also being renovated.  read more

    Custom Lacquer Paint Finish
    Furniture Refinishing Indian Wells CA

    Furniture Refinishing Indian Wells CA – custom dyed table

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    Furniture Refinishing Indian Wells CA

    A Custom Black-Dye Refinished Table with Hand-Rubbed Satin Lacquer.

    read more

    Custom Lacquer Painted Finish

    Custom Lacquer Painted Finish

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    Custom Lacquer Painted Finish

    A Custom Lacquer Painted Finish by Mark Fry Museum Quality Restoration Services read more

    Custom Lacquer Water Spotted Painted Finish.

    Water Spotted Finish

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    Water Spotted Painted Lacquer Finish

    A custom water spotted painted lacquer finishby Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services read more

    Lacquer Painted Finish - Hand Glazed.

    Hand Glazed Finish

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    Lacquer Painted Finish – Hand Glazed

    read more

    Steve Ellyson Baker Tables

    Refinishing Steve Ellyson’s Baker Tables

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    These nice Baker end tables were scratched and dented with a worn out finish, my job was to strip and refinish them.  The client wrote me this letter of appreciation after taking delivery of the refinished tables: read more

    Vintage Mastercraft Table

    Mid Century Modern Mastercraft Table Restoration

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    This project was completed June 15, 2015, the top of table was scratched and banged up, with parts of the veneer missing.  The table had to be stripped back to bare wood, the missing veneer areas needed to be filled and touched up, then the wood was restored to the original high polish lacquer finish. read more

    Baxley Water Damage Repair

    Custom Finish On Custom Woodwork

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    Custom Finish Water Damage Repair

    Eight years after my original work at Margo Baxley’s home some of the woodwork had become water damaged in one of the bathrooms, and the rest of the finishes also needed a refresh.  I was commissioned to restore the woodwork.

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