Antique Repair Rancho Mirage

    Antique Repair Rancho Mirage – read this letter

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    Antique Repair Rancho Mirage – read this customers letter

    After I completed this antique repair in Rancho Mirage, customer Keith Rudman wrote me this letter of appreciation for the work I completed for him:
    To Mark Fry: Museum Quality Restorations,
    Thank you for your extraordinary restoration of a number of antiques in my home that had been damaged in transportation and storage.  read more
    Palm Springs Antique Restoration

    Palm Springs Antique Restoration broken 18th C. Gold Mirror

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    Palm Springs Antique Restoration of a broken 18th C. Gold Mirror

    Palm Springs Antique Restoration of a broken gilded mirror frame. This 18th Century Giltwood Mirror was completely restored from broken pieces and fragments.  It arrived in a box and had to be pieced together like a puzzle. Watch the Video below –

    Museum Quality Restoration Services (MQRS) is a Coachella Valley Furniture and Antique repair and restoration service, serving all of Southern California and beyond.  Please read our many genuine letters of recommendation.  Owner/operator Mark Fry has 45 years experience.  Call to discuss your project now on (760) 329-2294 or Toll Free 1-800-524-7145

    Carved Mirror Frame Restoration

    Carved Mirror Frame Restoration

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    Carved Antique Mirror Frame Restoration

    Completely restored carving and finish on this antique mirror frame, by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services read more

    1700's Giltwood Mirror

    1700’s Giltwood Mirror Frame Repair

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    1700’s Giltwood Mirror Frame Repair

    This mirror arrived from Maison Felice, a client in Palm Desert, in boxes of broken pieces to be repaired and reassembled.   read more

    Rancho Mirage antique restoration

    Gilded Gothic Mirror Repair

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    Rancho Mirage antique restoration by Museum Quality Restoration Services

    A Rancho Mirage antique restoration client wanted me to repair a medieval mirror.  The mirror frame was gilded and in the 14th-Century gothic style.  The frame was broken into pieces and had to be fixed and reassembled. read more

    Rosewood Gilded Bedroom Set

    Rosewood Gilded Bedroom Set

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    Rosewood Gilded Bedroom Set Refinish

    This rosewood bedroom set was painted green, it had to be stripped and re-finished to restore the Rosewood color and I re-gilded all the carvings. read more

    Carved Frame Restoration

    Antique Gilded Carved Frames

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    Below are examples of glass and mirror repairs that Museum Quality Restoration Services has worked on.  The pictures show the kind of condition such items arrive in before work commences.

    Please click on the images for a larger view and then scroll through using the arrows at the side.
    Trust Museum Quality & Mark Fry for impeccable craftsmanship.

    Call Our Toll Free Number 1-800-524-7145

    Palm Desert antique restoration

    Palm Desert Antique Restoration restores Curio Cabinet

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    Palm Desert Antique Restoration by Mark Fry of Museum Quality Restoration Services

    This is a Palm Desert antique restoration of an 18th Century Armalou Decorated Curio Cabinet.  Call us to discuss your project, toll free: 1-800-524-7145 or (760) 329-2294

    Check out the project gallery to see the results.  Since this antique restoration was done MQRS has begun documenting all work with photos, showing the process from start to finish.  This keeps customers better informed of the progress of their orders.  Feel free to browse the project blog: Restoration | Refinishing | Sculpture | Custom-Made  Or view slideshows of restoration work on our YouTube Page.

    Click on an image for expanded view and then scroll through the project gallery using the arrows to the side (or swipe on your mobile device)