Antique Rope Bed 08

Antique Rope Bed Repair

by Mark Fry |October 17, 2015 |0 Comments | Restoration | , ,

Antique Rope Bed Repair & Re-Glue

I’ve been restoring old furniture for years. This project is one of the more simple repairs I’ve done. In this video, I’ll show you the steps needed to repair a broken wooden rope bed.


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Walnut Bed Refinish

New Bleached Finish on Walnut Bed

by Mark Fry |September 25, 2015 |0 Comments | Refinishing | ,

This Walnut Bed had to be stripped to bare wood, sanded and bleached.  The client wanted a lighter color and the natural walnut color was too dark.  I received a letter of appreciation after delivery:   read more

Rosewood Gilded Bedroom Set

Rosewood Gilded Bedroom Set

by Mark Fry |August 9, 2011 |0 Comments | Refinishing | , , , , ,

Rosewood Gilded Bedroom Set Refinish

This rosewood bedroom set was painted green, it had to be stripped and re-finished to restore the Rosewood color and I re-gilded all the carvings. read more

Custom Made Furniture Tustin CA

Custom Made Furniture Tustin CA – Custom Bar

by Mark Fry |May 2, 2011 |0 Comments | Custom Made | , , , ,

Custom Made Furniture Tustin CA – a custom bar made from an antique bed

Custom Made Furniture Tustin CA, this was a bar custom made by reclaiming pieces from an antique bed, like a recycling project. This was a very interesting  job for us. Any custom work is possible! An 18th Century Antique Walnut Bed was cut up and fabricated into a bar. read more