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Clay Bust

Red Clay Hand Sculpted Bust from a Local Priest, from Indian Wells

This statue arrived in many broken pieces and fragments. It was broken in many different ways with under breaks and over breaks and it had to be fitted together in the right sequence in order for everything to fit back together. I pieced it together carefully and taped to temporarily hold it together. I carefully taped and numbered each piece in the sequence it had to be glued together. Once all the piece were glued together on the head section and neck section I epoxy filled the inside where it need reinforcing. Once the inside seams were filled with epoxy I carefully glued the head section onto the neck section.

Once it was glued solid I then epoxy putty filled all the cracks and missing pieces on the outside of the sculpture. Next, I trimmed, leveled and smoothed everything that was filled. Once that was done I turned it over to work on the inside and I applied cynoacylite glue to the inside of the base area. Once that was done I used a wood hardener solution and coated the entire inside for adhesion purposes. Then after that the next application was filling the entire cavity with polyester filler for reinforcement.

Then, I had to make a way to mount the sculpture onto a platform. I used a 1″ pvc pipe embedded in the polyester filler that I poured around it so it can easily be mounted to the base that I made. I then covered the bottom with black felt. I proceeded to make a base for it using walnut  wood and mahogany trim. I milled it and fit and glued it all together.

I then detailed and sanded it and applied a light stain and did the finish coats and hand rubbed it and then mounted to scultpure on the base.

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